Our Team

Bill Blazer: Owner/C.E.O


Bill graduated from William Tennet High School and latter got his associates degree in Business Administration  at Bucks County Community College. Wanting to further polish his business expertise, Bill then his MBA from Temple University.

Bill has over 40 years experience in the roofing, siding, and landscaping businesses. This means that Bill knows what it takes to get a job done and to make it look distinguishable. He knows the pricing of materials and how long a job will take him, leaving the customer with extremely accurate job quotes. His enhanced communication skills allow the customer to trust in Bill’s plans to make their house more beautiful. Cattail Limited stands by it’s work and Bill makes sure to put his son near every job he does.

Bill has 3 children and enjoys spending time with family, hunting, and fishing

From Bill:

“I always had an interest in construction as a kid. When an opportunity arose to polish my skills after obtaining my bachelors degree, I always took it. I trained in construction, siding roofing, ect. and also handled the office side in the many jobs I has when I was younger.”

“After 6 years of training, I started my own business Classic Exteriors. After years of success, landscaping became an interest of mine, so we started Cattail Limited. We now run both businesses together.”

“Besides all of the typical landscape services, we took a big interest in hardscaping and from the beginning of it’s popularity around here, we have perfected the craft. We have trained with ICIP, E.P Henry, and Tech Bloc. We have built 11ft. tall retaining walls, 325ft long walls, many swimming pool finishes, and lots of repair work. Our quality at this point is unmatched.”

Wes (Foreman)

Wes has been with us for 5 years. He is reliable, friendly, and is always a favorite among our customers. Wes has more experience over those years than most foreman around. At this point his background is more diverse than most.

We are always growing and evolving. Recently Wes has been leading more of our own stone veneer projects and other backs/mortar type projects.