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May 2016


May Flowers!

Well it was very dry and now the sun won’t come out! The water has been very good, we will look like all- stars on recent grading and seeding jobs!


Event Planning

  • Do you have a prom gathering?
  • Do you have a graduation or other parties to plan for?
  • Is the event coming quickly with no time to prepare the property?
  • Do you need mulching, flowers, pots, etc. for beautiful pictures?
  • We will work with whatever date constraints you have.
  • We can help design.


Stone Veneer Work

  • Our stone veneer work is growing quickly with all of the new applications created by some artful designers.
  • What about stone in your bathroom! Or bedroom! How about a backsplash in your kitchen!
  • Stone has always been beautiful as an exterior accent on a wall or a fireplace, but as an interior accent it takes on a totally rustic, 1700’s look.
  • Newer stone styles (drystack) look awesome.



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